Private Clients

Our consultation fee is $220. Medicare rebates are available for clients with referrals under Mental Health Care Plans (MHCP).  These are provided by General Practitioners (GPs) who have assessed you and determined you meet the criteria for a MHCP.  If you have a MHCP, you are entitled to a rebate of $86.15. You are entitled to this rebate for up to a maximum of 10 sessions per calendar year.  You do not need a Mental Health Care Plan to attend, but you are unable to get a rebate back from Medicare without it.  Alternatively clients with Private Health Insurance may be able to redeem some fees through their chosen insurance company.

Workers Compensation & 3rd Party Claims

Clients with Workers Compensation or Third Party claims are accepted.  The cost of treatment is billed directly to your Insurance Company, therefore there are no out of pocket expenses for you. You will need pre-approval from your Case Manager and a referral from your GP.




Employee Assistance Programs

This may be provided by your workplace.  These are programs that provide confidential access to free face to face counselling for employees and their families.  Please check with your Employer to see if this is available to yourself.

Victims Services



Victims of violent crimes that have occurred in NSW , may be eligible for free, face to face counselling through Victims Services.  Mark Benad is an approved Victims Services Counsellor.  Click the above link if you wish to apply for your free psychological counselling.